Ethiopia offers scholarships to 29 South Sudanese students pursuing a doctorate to specialize in different fields.

March 1, 2022

Since 2015, Ethiopia has provided scholarship opportunities for more than 1000 students, increasing the number with South Sudanese students being the highest recipients. Ethiopia offered 145 South Sudanese scholarships for undergraduate programs in the past year.

The Ethiopian Government offers scholarships to 29 South Sudanese doctors to study in various Ethiopian universities this year. This is the first time any country has given such a scholarship for South Sudan.

The doctors specialize in orthopedics, obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, urology, radiology, and general surgery. South Sudan covers visas, flights, and upkeep (10%), while Ethiopia covers tuition, housing, and meals.

So far, two batches of South Sudanese students have graduated from different universities in Ethiopia, and over 30 students are currently doing their specialization in different areas. The 29 news doctors are part of the fourth batch.

The scholarship aims to strengthen bilateral ties between the two neighboring countries. Ethiopian ambassador to South Sudan Nebil Mehdi said that the support for South Sudan would continue because the priority for any development for Ethiopia in South Sudan is focusing on human resource development.

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