Creative of the week – Abel Getachew

March 2, 2022

Abel Getachew is computer-generated imagery (CGI) Artist and Filmmaker based in Addis Ababa. He is currently working at Balageru TV, a local entertainment and content provider that promotes historical, social, and cultural artwork and attunement through their satellite channel. Abel has a great experience working majorly as a creative director. He is also responsible for creating motion graphics and short animation videos as well.

In our conversation with Abel, he has mentioned how passionate he is about reminding our community about heroes of the country in his art. In his own words, “Remembering the work of the heroes of this country is not enough for one person’s life.” He has deep intentions to visualize what it was like for our heroes to keep the country independent is expected from an artist who lives in a country that has not been colonized. It is his continuous effort and unique concepts that have left us amused. His recent project with 1888 E.C. for Adwa’s Victory Day was exceptional. There have been videos made for this day in the past years, but Abel’s animation radiated the feeling of independence a lot more this year. 

Abel has worked on many other projects, including the recent animation with Selam Ethiopia hosted by Surafel and the GERD short animation videos are captivating! The concept was uniquely described and visualized through his works. We appreciate Abel for his heart-warming animations and motion graphics that have visualized the intended image in the best way possible.

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