Creative of the week – Yikunoamlak Ayalew

March 9, 2022

Yikunoamlak Ayalew is an Ethiopian Digital Artist creating virtual 3D fashion models. He studied Architecture and has graduated in the field. He has a deeply rooted passion for art, typography, fashion design, and technology. He is fascinated by the idea of digitizing local art and culture by adding his unique perspectives to help amplify the traditional essence of his country.

Virtual Fashion Modeling is not a familiar concept in Ethiopia. In our conversation with Yikunoamlak, he mentioned that his inspirations come mainly from virtual fashion models that he has seen in other countries. He said, “I was inspired by various virtual models online and wanted to develop something that resembled ourselves.” Having the opportunity to see virtual models that resemble us as Ethiopians is a massive shift in the country’s fashion design industry. Yekunoamlak is not only good at 3D Designs but also in fashion design. He uses his fashion and creative industry skills to integrate them and create a virtual 3D fashion model. He said, “I have some abilities in both fashion and 3D design, so I made @saba.gram by combining the two.”

Yekunoamlak Ayalew intends to explore his fashion design skills by designing more culture-based futuristic costumes and unique street clothes. Yekunoamlak wants to produce high-quality renderings and pleasing aesthetics using fashion designs. His primary goal is to collaborate with other creators to organize a virtual fashion show. Here we are celebrating upcoming fashion designers using emerging technologies to take fashion to a higher level in Ethiopia!

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