The “Refugee Friend” app launches to support refugees globally.

March 11, 2022

The “Refugee Friend” app was designed to bring safety and care to those on the run by finding addresses of willing citizens who want to help refugees. It was inspired by Polish citizens who put green lamps in their windows, signaling refugees that they’re welcome to knock on their door for help. It has a map and five help categories, including accommodation, food & water, sanitation, medical assistance, and transport free of charge.

After filtering the multiple colored markers, refugees can scan the map corresponding to the different aid types. The app also contains an SOS button for an emergency that signals all helpers within a 50-kilometer radius. It is currently only available in English but will be multilingual for the next version. In addition, the upgrade will include the ability to report abuses using image and sound, so human rights violations are brought to attention and justice.

Nearly 3 million refugees migrate to Europe from Africa alone, mostly from southern and eastern Africa.
Refugee Friend believes that every person has the right to seek safety, comfort, and asylum in other countries when they are no longer safe in their home country. There is an overwhelming amount of human rights violations by governments and their border patrol organizations, leading to the death of thousands of migrants.

Refugee Friend aims to stop illegal pushbacks that block the NGOs trying to save people’s lives on land and at sea. For more information, email or visit

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