Creative of the Week – Brook Getachew

March 16, 2022

Brook Getachew is an Ethiopian visual artist and brand expert with exceptional graphic storytelling skills, born and raised in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia. Having spent his early childhood in Dire Dawa, Brook joined the Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building Construction, and City Development (EiABC) in July 2016. He began his career in photography before he graduated from university. Brook takes us back to the first day that his photography journey started where he simply took out his phone and began taking pictures. He mentioned that it marked the beginning of his journey in photography. As a self-taught photographer, an extra push is required to search and discover new foundations to visually describe your stories. Brook said, “being self-taught also means there is potential for a diverse knowledge base that, when shared consistently, can enrich our journey further.”

In 2019, Biruk founded Brook & Co, an independent brand marketing agency building high-impact brands in Ethiopia in Rwanda. His interest in visual storytelling introduced him to graphic design and photography while he was studying at EiABC. He tried to observe what he wanted to do with his interests and decided to merge photography, design, and pieces of writings together to create impressive elements out of them, which are now being sold as NFT(Non-Fungible Tokens)s as well. Brook used the concept of overlapping and played around with overlaid images to tell two stories at the same time using a single artwork. Brook’s work has been exhibited multiple times at the Goethe Institute in Addis Ababa and at the Uganda Press Photo Awards 2018. Brook has also been featured on The Smart View with an exciting interview that depicts his whole journey as a visual artist. 
Brook has recently become famous for his NFTs that explore deep into his self-image and its place in the world. Glimpses of Existence is his recent NFT Collection constitutes of essential self-portraits intended for people to do the same; watch themselves in the mirror. It is only about observing ourselves in reality but also imagining a reality where our souls are given a chance to choose our specific existences by simply looking at Glimpses of your existence in its mental, emotional and physical essences. We appreciate Brook for showing us that creativity is not about browsing through the internet and hoping to create a single piece like what you see on Pinterest. It is also about observing two completely different details and merging them into one to tell a story. We are inspired by Brook’s ability to tell two different stories in a single artwork.

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