USAID & LEGO Foundation announce a new partnership to improve Ethiopia’s early childhood care and education.

March 21, 2022

USAID and LEGO Foundation have a global agreement to join their strengths in education and development to meet the pre-primary and primary education needs of children worldwide. The organizations aim to create a future where learning through play empowers children to become the best they can be and become creative and engaged life-long learners.

The organizations are dedicated to increasing opportunities for pre-school-aged children to learn through play at a critical stage in brain development. The play is designed to provide comfort, help overcome traumatic experiences, build resilience, and return them to life as normal children. USAID & LEGO Foundation announced a new public-private partnership to improve Ethiopia’s early childhood care and education in line with their goals.

Both organizations will co-fund and co-design education projects worth at least $25 million in the coming months. The fund helps children learn and develop their full potential. It focuses on children affected by crisis and conflict, including refugees and IDPs, returnees, and those in host communities. This improves children’s chances to participate in quality play-based, pre-primary activities to enhance their early learning and holistic development.

USAID and LEGO Foundation recognize the necessity of the partnership through their joint funding in the Education Cannot Wait and Global Partnership for Education initiatives. In addition, they collaborate with the Inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies.

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