Hisense Group signs an agreement with Ethiopia to build an urban bus system.

March 25, 2022

Hisense Group is a Chinese multinational company that manufactures household appliances and electronics. Ethiopia signs Hisense to develop an intelligent bus system in 21 months to enhance public transport operational efficiency for passengers and public transport companies. This upgrade will allow passengers to reduce time wasted due to peak-hour traffic overcrowding and look for alternative solutions.

Ethiopia’s Public Transport System has improved in recent years but needs further development to tackle various challenges. Some challenges include lack of reliable transport services and long waiting time for public transport. Ethiopia plans to create a reliable transport system by developing an effective system with the ability to increase network capacity and efficiency without sacrificing safety, environment, economy, and provide accurate & reliable data for planning and maintenance intentions.

The transport system will provide users with real-time bus info using a mobile app and digital screens found at major bus stops. It will also allow public transport companies to monitor live, remote control, schedule vehicles, and match passenger flow with traffic volume. This transport system is Hisense’s first project overseas and aims to grow the business to more countries. The company plans to expand its advanced transport systems to overseas markets like South Africa, West Africa, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico, Slovenia, and Serbia.

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