Creative of the week – Muzikawi

March 30, 2022

The Ethiopian music industry is saturated with highly creative individuals who are currently taking the art to another level. These Indie Creatives require close assistances and critiques that don’t only know but understand music on their level and perspective instead of the traditional pathways. Muzikawi is standing on 25 years of the international music industry to introduce our home-grown artists to a global market. The music company is offering a whole new platform to develop artists with modern tempos and sounds, keeping the local music culture as it is.

Muzikawi was founded by a cultural organization named Selam in 2020. The company has a dream to discover the musical treasures of Ethiopia on the global entertainment map and provide the righteous throne to all Ethiopian creatives. The company’s ultimate backbone is to incorporate international music standards into daily music production practices to push musicians, songwriters, composers, and artists to understand and interpret art as the universal language.

Muzikawi is an entertainment company with a record label, music publisher, studio, artist management, and event organizer offices in Addis Ababa and Stockholm, Sweden. The team claims to be:

  • Experienced producers.
  • Musicians, and music industry professionals from Ethiopia and Sweden.
  • One of the world’s biggest music exporters.

Located in the capital’s soul, the company runs one of Ethiopia’s top studios with certified studio engineers and state-of-the-art equipment.

Starting from April 1st, the company will present 16 artists and more than 100 releases. We are delighted to see the music industry in Ethiopia rise above to accommodate our creatives’ needs!

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