MOMO Pencils produces eco-friendly pencils lasting 3 times longer than regular pencils.

April 12, 2022

MOMO Pencils is a Kenyan company founded in 2017 that is the only local company to produce pencils. It manufactures thousands of high-quality pencils made from old newspapers processed 18 different times. MOMO is dedicated to creating a better planet for future generations. Globally, nearly 8 million trees are cut to keep up with the demand for about 14 billion pencils. In Kenya, annual pencil imports are close to 100 million. With a strong desire to change this, the company produces pencils that can be exported. The company aims to reduce pencil imports, littering, and cutting trees for pencil production.

These pencils are sold to schools, corporate firms, government agencies, and retailers. When pencils are distributed in schools, MOMO provides an added benefit of educating the students on the environment and recycling. The students participate in a session that teaches them the importance of recycling and has them plant trees. MOMO Pencils also manufactures pens, crayons, and eye pencils (used for makeup) and plans to manufacture more using recycled newspaper.

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