Since 2019

Who we are

Allure Communications PLC is a creatively led communications agency, production, and content creation studio offering various tailor-made services for the new African millennial.
We can give you a strategic, integrated, and eye-catching campaign to engage your target audience.
Our creative ideas are driven by our deep understanding of our local and global communities, as well as our passion for making extraordinary things happen.
Find us on the corner of culture and creativity. Our door is always open, so come on in!

Allure Ethiopia

what we do

Allure Communications is a creative agency dedicated to developing, planning & implementing distinct branding & marketing strategies in terms of designs and production.
We create and maintain brands that stay true to your vision and help you reach the customer with a message they can relate to.
Our team of professionals develops & executes custom branding & marketing strategies together with event solutions tailored to your brand, audience needs, & goals.

Why we do it

Our mission:

– To deliver results-oriented brand marketing campaigns that enhance awareness, improve sales, foster growth, and turn brands into everlasting legends.
– To enable creators to showcase their work and get it in front of the right audience.
– To produce high-quality, exceptional, and compelling videos with measurable results.
– To provide businesses with innovative and effective visual communications
– To create, plan, and manage events in conjunction with special consultations based on the needs of our clients.
– Creativity is excellent. Tangible results are even better.

Our vision

To emphasize Ethiopia’s achievements to the world and to become a leading communications agency in the country.
Ethiopia is a beautiful country having exquisite resources that should be highlighted and showcased to encourage our community to do more. We fabricate creative ideas and provide services tailored to our client’s best interests to show the world the many great possibilities Ethiopia offers. In addition, wewant to encourage diasporas to not only be proud of their country but to encourage them to return & grow this fruitful nation.

Our Approach

Creativity + Strategy + Action = Success

Our approach is a customer-centric loop that allows our team to generate ideas from a client’s point of view, design a blueprint of what the end product will look like and hand over the deliverables in a timely manner. 

Our Services

Our graphic designers and illustrators are dedicated to producing designs that best suit your company. We aim to bring brands to the forefront online in a new forefront within the Ethiopian Market.
– Branding Design
Logo, Brand Guidelines, Brand Item Designs-

Web Design:
User Interface Design, User Experience Design, Web Asset Design (Icons, Illustrations),

Digital Design:
Social Media Graphic Design, Illustrations, Brochure & Pamphlet Designs, Motion Graphics, Logo Animations, etc

Print Design
Rollups, Backdrop banner, banner, flyer, business cards, company stamps, Brochures.

Allure strives to grow your customer base & brand visibility using both digital and tangible mediums through strong digital presence and offline advertisement. We aim to bring brands to a new level of prominence within the Ethiopian Market.
– Above-the-line (ATL)
Digital + Social Media
 Website + Social Media Content Research & Development
 Social Media Calendar Set-Up + Content Curating
 Social Media AD & Campaign

– Below-the-line (BTL)
o Direct mail campaigns
o Campaign strategy
o Sales Promotion
o Public relations PR
o Packaging
o And more!

– Content Writing
o Blog
o Articles
o Newsletter
o Event Summary
o Content & Market Research

– Printing
o Banners
o And any brand collateral needed


We have everything necessary to produce a quality advertisement and promotional videos with our state-of-the-art in-house equipments. Our production team is an expert in various media and advertisements. We can take your brand from design through development to production using camera, graphics, and video.

Video productions - both in and out of the studio



Event coverage


- Event Planning + Coordinating : Selecting venues, facilitating necessary printing, design & promotion services, and video + photo shoots with our in-house production team

- Event Support + Consultations: Providing consultations in handling all necessary aspects of events

Nothing else matters to us but our clients’ success!


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